Want to be an associate of Último Recurso?

You just have to fill out the form

Attention! The registration is effected with the payment of the first installment

For proposals for membership that are submitted
between November 1st and December 31st of the current year,
they are considered to correspond to the following year’s dues
as long as the payment occurs within the same period.

After submitting your registration, please check that you have received a welcome email from Último Recurso.

The bank transfer must be through the platform: OpenCollective

The data provided will be used exclusively
for the purpose of being a member of the Último Recurso.

The rights of the members are

a) To participate in the meetings of the general assembly;

b) To elect and be elected for social positions,

c) To use, under conditions to be defined by internal regulation
the services that the Association may provide directly or indirectly;

d) Request the convening of an extraordinary general meeting;

The members’ duties are

a) Contribute to the activity, divulgation
the good name and development of the Association;

b) Perform with zeal, dedication, and efficiency the
positions to which they are elected
as well as the tasks that are entrusted to them;

c) Attend the general assembly meetings
or others to which they are summoned;

d) Comply with the statutory provisions, regulations
and the deliberations of the social bodies;

e) Pay their dues punctually;

f) Appoint, if the member is a legal entity
a representative for the general assembly.

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